EV Cream Developer 3%

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EV Cream Developer 3%


EV Cream Developer 3% is designed to be used only with EV Lash and Brow tints.


The non-drip formula and easy pour bottle ensures that you achieve the perfect control of product quantities with every single use and no product waste.


Available in a convenient 25ml bottle, to be used alongside our 25ml EV Lash and Brow tints.


For professional use only.

Use only as directed.

Patch testing advised.


Elysian Valentina Lash & Brow tint quick step guide.


1. Cleanse the client's lashes or brow area to make sure all makeup, oils, and dirt are removed.


2. Mix equal amounts of E.V tint and E.V developer (1:1 ratios) to a paste consistency.


3. Apply to the lashes/brows or mapped area in both directions to ensure full hair coverage.


4. Clean up the surrounding areas using a damp cotton pad or foam tip application wand.


5. Leave the tint to develop for 3-7 mins, checking the colour development frequently throughout. Start timing when you have completed the first eye/ brow. (Tip: for a deeper colour the tint can be left for up to 10mins).


6. Once the tint has reached the desired colour, remove using damp cotton pads.


7. Advise the client to keep the brows dry for a period of 24hrs.


8. Skin staining will vary with skin type, skin tone, and preparation by technicians


(Blue/black not recommended for brows).

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