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Elysian Valentina Brow pro 

It’s time to take Brow enhancements to the next level.

Elysian Valentina brings the next generation of Brow tools.

From Brow lamination & Henna, to Hybrid   Brows & Traditional Tint methods. You can be confident that “BROW PRO” has all of your services covered.

 Each “BROW PRO” set includes 4 Nylon Brushes, 4 Silicone stamping & application tools, & a soft exfoliating tool for extreme Brow preparation.

 The soft Nylon brush hairs are non porous, & won’t soak up the products. Delivering an even product distribution from every stroke.

Each strand naturally gravitates together, allowing a smooth, precise application.

 The silicone heads create clean lines & allow the products to be stamped into the skin & hairs,  for a consistent product absorption , ( perfect when layering Hybrid Tints & Henna for that “BOLD BROW” look).

 The silicone Brow preparation tool is double sided to accommodate all Brow types.

With its stylish, easy grip handle, & soft ridges, it helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, ( without over stressing the skin barrier) prior to each treatment application. 

Assisting in a consistent coverage, & treatment longevity.

 Each tool is lightweight, for an easy glide application, & is fused with an Aluminium ferrule, (meaning it’s corrosion-resistant, & has excellent durability).

Offering product sustainability, by reducing the need for all those throwaway disposables.

 The “BROW PRO”set, can be stored away between uses in its own chic, leather case. Keeping each tool neatly separated & ready for the next use. 

With a spacious compartment for your favourite products and extras!


Each innovative set has a selection of straight, teardrop, sharp, flat, & angled tips, meaning you can have all the tools you need to take Brow treatments to the next level.

 The SILICONE ANGLED PRECISION TOOL, creates a precise application.  

With a firm angled tip for working product into the brows and the skin beneath. 


The PETITE ANGLED BRUSH helps to create the cleanest of lines from the product application.  

These bristles are the shortest in the Brow Pro collection, Designed for intricate detailing. 


The SILICONE TEARDROP TOOL is the perfect accompaniment when product layering. 

Designed to stamp the product beneath the hairs to create an ultimate skin absorption. 


The FLAT APPLICATION BRUSH is ideal for working with fuller brows. 

With just the right amount of flexibility to work product into the brow hairs, and a wider head for faster coverage. 


The SILICONE PRECISION POINT TOOL is designed for precise tail applications. 

It’s sharp but flexible tip can reach into the finest points of the brow tails, without causing product overspill. 


The FLAT APPLICATION ( MINI ) BRUSH is created for precision and full coverage. 

A slightly smaller version of the “ FLAT APPLICATION BRUSH “, with firmer bristles for working products beneath the brow hairs. 


The SILICONE HOOF TOOL is the perfect stamping tool, (without lifting the products from the brows ). 

It creates absolute skin contact and  maximises the stain and colour intensity through full product absorption. 


The WIDE ANGLED APPLICATION BRUSH is designed to be versatile. 

It’s wide, firm bristles, are perfect for covering an abundance of applications, Ranging from mapping outlines and product application, to creating sharp lines and under brow highlighting. 


The SILICONE BROW PREP TOOL is the success to all your brow treatments. With its stylish, easy grip handle, & soft ridges, it helps to exfoliate dead skin cells,            (without over stressing the skin barrier) prior to each treatment application.  

Assisting in a consistent coverage, & treatment longevity. 

Why choose

Elysian Valentina?

New Zealand owned and operated and committed to providing the highest level of custom service possible.

Our owners Emma and Aaron are on hand to assist whatever your needs may be.

Our products are carefully selected and thoroughly tested to ensure consistent results for our clients.

What Our Clients Say


"A great company with a very high standard product range! The customer care is phenomenal, training is well run and the products are amazing! Totally happy".

Sherri-lee Scholtz
Puravida Beauty

"Very professional, helpful company. I have found the experience of learning through them wonderful and professional and their products are quality".

Alisha Gutsell
Ataahua Beauty

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