Elysian Valentina Lash Technician - Starter Kit

Elysian Valentina Lash Technician - Starter Kit


Both of these kits purchased together have all of the products and tools to get you started on your journey to becoming an Elysian Valentina lash technician. The duo kit contains everything you need to start performing quality lash treatments, by combining these kits you can cover a larger clientele base when offering a choice of lash treatments.


Kit Contents 


EV Extensions 0.15 C Curl Mixed Length (2pk)

EV ADHERE - Extra Strong Adhesive 5ml  

EV EXTENSION - Pre-treatment 5ml

EV ADHERE - Adhesive Remover Gel 10ml 

Lint-free Under-eye pads (20pk)

Mini brushes (20pcs)

EV Lashing Tweezer x 2 

Mascara Wands (20pcs)

Ring cups (20pcs)



EV LASH - Lifting Lotion 5ml

EV LASH - Setting Lotion 5ml 

EV LASH - Conditioning Lotion 5ml 

EV LASH - Lift Adhesive 5ml 

EV Tint - Brown 5ml

EV Tint - Black 5ml

EV Tint - Blue Black 5ml

EV Tint Developer 5ml 

EV Lash Lift Tool 


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