Elysian Valentina Brow Technician - Starter Kit

Elysian Valentina Brow Technician - Starter Kit


Our Elysian Valentina brow technician kit contains all of the products and tools required to perform brow sculpt, brow lamination, and brow henna treatments in one convenient kit. You will be able to customise the correct brow treatment for every client. With this kit, you will be able to offer correct mapping of the brows, multiple shades of tint, and quality lamination and henna treatments. This will undoubtedly increase clientele when offering a wider range of brow treatments to your service list.


Kit Contents 


EV Tint - Brown 5ml

EV Tint - Black 5ml

EV Tint - Blue Black 5ml

EV Tint Developer 5ml 


Pre Inked Mapping Thread 

1x Tweezers 

EV - Scissors 

Pre Cut Wax Strips 

Wax Spatulas (20pcs)

Brow Pencil 

EV BROW - Lifting Lotion 5ml

EV BROW - Setting Lotion 5ml 

EV BROW - Conditioning Lotion 5ml 

EV BROW - Lamination Adhesive 5ml 

Mini brushes (30pcs)

Mascara Wands (30pcs)

Ring cups (30pcs)

EV Henna - Golden Blonde 

EV Henna - Soft Brown 

EV Henna - Medium Brown 

EV Henna Dark Brown 

EV Henna - Chocolate Brown 

EV Henna - Black 

Rose Water 

Brow Scrub 

Brow Oil 

Henna Brush 

Mixing Pot 

Henna Remover 10ml

Wax Warmer 

Caronlab Deluxe Strawberry Wax 400g



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