EV Premium Brow Henna

EV Premium Brow Henna


      Welcome to the luxurious world of Elysian Valentina's professional Brow Henna collection - where only the most exquisite ingredients are sourced from the depths of India to deliver unparalleled quality. 

      Indulge in our 5g bottles of Henna powder, precisely measured to provide the optimal amount for each treatment, ensuring that waste is kept to an absolute minimum.  

      With our six base colours, including Golden Blonde, Soft Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Chocolate, and Black, you have a spectrum of tones to choose from that complements any hair colour and skin tone. 

      Our Henna powders can be mixed to form a limitless range of customizable shades, allowing you to exercise your creativity and give your clients the perfect brow look they crave.  

      We take pride in our uncompromising commitment to quality and safety. That is why our range is Lead, Ammonia, and Cruelty Free, giving you the assurance that you are delivering a safe, premium-quality treatment to your clients with our brow henna collection. 

      Join the elite group of professionals, divinely inspired by Elysian Valentina and elevate your brow game. 

      Our unparalleled quality is unmatched anywhere else. 

      Try it out for yourself it is the only way to experience the difference.