Hybrid Tints - Minimise Waste and Maximise Beauty (Money Saving Tip #1)

Minimising waste and saving money are important goals for both individuals and businesses alike.  
Using the Elysian Valentina recommended mixing method can help achieve these goals. 
To minimise waste and save money during hybrid brow applications, follow these steps: 
1. Use a ring cup: A ring cup is a small, disposable container that can be worn on your finger, making it easy to access the product while working. This will help ensure that you use only the necessary amount of product, reducing waste and saving money. 
2. Measure the ingredients: Combine equal parts of Hybrid Tint and Developer in the ring cup. This 1:1 ratio is essential to achieve the desired consistency and efficacy of the product. 
3. Mix thoroughly: Use a mixing tool, (we recommend a micro brush), to mix the Hybrid Tint and Developer together for at least 30 seconds. This will ensure that the two components are properly combined, resulting in a smooth and even application. 
4. Apply immediately: Once the tint and developer are mixed, apply the product to the client's brows without delay. This will ensure that the product gets to work straight away. 
5. Use just enough product: When applying the hybrid brow tint, be mindful of the amount you use. The goal is to use just enough product to achieve the desired result.  
By following these steps, you can ensure that you minimise waste and reduce during your hybrid brow treatments. Meaning you can pass these amazing savings on to your client's.  


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