Hybrid Brows - How to Apply the First Layer of a Hybrid Tint

How to achieve a natural and flawless finish with our hybrid tint

It is important to apply the first layer of the hybrid brow tint correctly because it serves as the foundation for the final result.

Applying the first layer with precision ensures that the tint is evenly distributed and properly adheres to the brow hairs and skin, which allows for a more natural and uniform finish.

If the first layer is not applied correctly, it can result in an uneven, patchy, or splotchy appearance, which can be difficult to correct in subsequent layers.

Here is how to apply the first layer of Elysian Valentina Hybrid Tint: 

👉 Choose the right shade product for your client's skin tone.  

👉 Apply a thin layer of hybrid tint to the mapped brow, starting from the lower edge and working your way upwards. 

👉 Let the product dry and fully penetrate your skin as it oxidizes for a few minutes.  

👉 Apply a second layer of hybrid tint and then start timing for optimal results. 

  • Subtle Stain – 3-5 Minutes  
  • Medium Stain 5-12 Minutes  
  • Bold Stain – 12-18 Minutes  


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