Hybrid Brows - How to Achieve Clean Precise Lines

Do you struggle to achieve precise and clean lines when applying your hybrid tint?  

Say goodbye to uneven lines and product overspill with Elysian Valentina's
White paste for Henna and Hybrid Tinting! 
The problem with traditional tinting methods is that it can be challenging to create precise lines, and product overspill can ruin the entire look.  
With our White paste, you can finally achieve the precise and clean look you've always wanted, without the worry of product overspill or uneven lines. It's quick and easy to apply, and it works perfectly with both Henna and Hybrid tinting. 
Quick Guide 
Step 1: Using an angled brow brush, apply a thin layer of the White paste around the perimeter of the eyebrows, ensuring that the product doesn't go beyond the desired shape. 
Step 2: Proceed to apply the tint within the outlined area of the eyebrows, following the tinting instructions. 
Step 3: Once the desired processing time is complete, remove the tint and white paste with a damp cotton pad, revealing the clean, precise, and flawless results. 

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